What people say about us

"Many thanks for showing us your work. We were impressed by the fact that you have been able to build up the credibility adn won trust of people in a very short time. Your work has great potential to meet the curative healthcare needs of the poor in West Bengal and beyond. We will come back with some concrete ideas for potential collaboration in further improving the quality of health care for women and children in your centers."

 unicef (United Nations Children's Fund)
"Greetings from United Nations Volunteers! We would like to congratulate you for your commitment to volunteerism. We are bringing out a publication to showcase some good case studies on volunteerism and we have shortlisted your inspiriting work to be shared at local, national and international levels. We are confident, it would motivate others to join a cause."

-Amita Dahiya
 UNV National Coordinator for IYV+10
"The plan clearly states the scalability factor. Moreover, going by the plan, they have made some really good impact. The impact numbers are good, future plans look promising and the financial details are slick."

-An evaluator
 3rd iDiya Challenge Indian School of Business, Hyderabad
"Dear Mr Nevatia, Thank you for your mail. I am only doing whatever little I can to help. You and Arun are the real heroes :-)! your commitment is amazing."

-Venkat Krishnan
 Director GiveIndia
"Scored Well defined formal procedures and policies manual for governance and management. Active community involvement in problem identification and implementation of solutions Ongoing monitoring of actual performance against objective in addition to periodic audits by an external agency is present Innovative and impactful programs"

-Resource Alliance

"It was very inspiring to see how a hardcore business oriented Marwari family has applied its entrepreneurial skills to such an important social cause and developed an effective model."

-Dr. Nachiket Mor

Dear Anant and Arun:
Meeting you was very a very inspiring and humbling experience, what I do is trivial compared to a what you two do by dedicating your life to the service of poor and needy of our country. I will pray for Arun's good health such that he together with you, can continue to transform many more lives. I would love to be part of your team and be of assistance best regards and thank you for the kind words.

-Rakesh C. Pandya
 External Evaluator
 Give India
Dear Mr. Nevatia,
Thank you very much for your interest in Independent Projects at HBS. We received the posting you submitted online and will be happy to post that for students who may be looking for a field-based learning experience during the winter 2013 term. Our second year students can choose to enroll in an Independent Project with field work, and they would finalize registration in mid-January 2013.

-Kate Sheridan
 Staff Assistant, MBA Registrar Services

I thank you for writing to me. I do not know your source of my contact details but I feel your Foundation is doing a great job. I feel it is worthwhile spending time and and effort to document your case study. We will be happy to engage in interation.

-Satyajit Majumdar, Chairperson
 Center for Social Entrepreneurship

Dear Mr Nevatia,
Thank you for your message and for the information about your most interesting social enterprise/NGO. What you propose in terms of developing a case study sounds most interesting and it would be good to discuss prospects of doing that with you. I visit India quite frequently and I would like to take the opportunity of meeting you when I'm next in India, and particularly in Kolkata, which is expected to be in December. I hope we are able to meet. I look forward to hearing from you and to discussing what could be fruitful partnership between enterprise and our Centre. If you are writing back to me please do so directly on my own email address.

Regards and best wishes,
-Jay Mitra

Dear Anant,
Good to see your efforts on rural health. Congratulations to you and your team. We will put it in our list of cases for case development. Mrs. Bithika will contact you for information as we take this up for detailed writing.

Best regards,
 Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar

Thanks for the mail and for thinking about me. I am intersected in socialentrepr eneurship and would definitely be interested in exploring this.

You Regards,

"The problem handled by your organization is important for India and as mentioned in your e-mail, writing a case on your organization may benefit the society. Please note that IIM Bangalore distributes cases through Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) and would like to write a case on your organization. We will need access to data and permission to publish the case at HBP.

Best regards,"
 IIM Banglore

Dear Mr. Nevatia,

I acknowledge the receipt of your email and appreciate the efforts undertaken by you towards the rural population of the country - specially in West Bengal.

-Dr. Shubhabrata Basu
 Chairman Strategic Management Area IIM Indore

"I am impressed by the details that are shared and would be very happy to do a case study and publish through TAPMI."

-Dr. A V Ramana Acharyulu
 Professor - Strategy & Gen Mgm
"It was a very good visit with all of you to see the work being done by RHCF. It is a great venture and I am sure will do well with the commitment being shown by all of you".

-Mr. Sudeep Chitlangia
 Managing Director of Sarda Plywood Industries Ltd.