Who We Are


Rural Health Care Foundation (RHCF) is an organization striving to address the gap in the availability of low cost primary health care in rural areas. Drawing inspiration from our Late Founder Arun Nevatia’s undying spirit to provide health care facilities to the lowest strata of the socio-economic pyramid, the goal of RHCF is to set up primary health care centres in the remotest areas of the country, providing OPD facilities as well as medication to the low income,hard to reach population in India.

RHCF is currently a network of 10 clinics, spread across various districts of West Bengal and has since inception served over 10 lakh patients through its network.


Rural Health Care Foundation draws inspiration from the Late Arun Nevatia(1965-2013), symptomatic of the undying spirit of man. Diagnosed with Cancer at the tender age of 10, his early days were spent through the pains of chemo-therapy and radio-therapy. During this phase a sense dawned upon him that it was the power of affordability in terms of good doctors and expensive medicines that he is battling this disease, which is beyond the reach of many. An urge to reach out to the millions who have been deprived of medical assistance due to poverty kept bothering him. This urge made him uncomfortable, as a result of which he decided to discontinue his business. All his present and future financial achievements seemed to him to be completely baseless since he realized that monetary gains will never bring him true happiness. His urge turned to action. Along with his elder brother Anant Nevatia, Arun founded RHCF, opening its first primary health care centre at Mayapur in Nadia District of West Bengal. Seeing the driving force of Arun, Padmashree Dr. S.M.H ADVANI agreed to become Chief Patron of the trust. The trust has tie-ups with many eye hospitals and provides free cataract operations. Cleft lip/palate operations are also arranged free of cost. This tree of efforts is sure to yield fruits when people start to live a healthier life in rural areas.